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UnDone Volume & Matte Texture Spray - 192ml

  • Un.done is a texturizing finishing hairspray for hair
    sexy, tousled and tousled. This invisible and dry formula
    uses zeolite, a natural mineral, to achieve volume
    incredible for intensely chic hair. The extract
    Obliphica combined with a proprietary blend of polymers,
    binds to hair for fantastic texture
    without making them frozen or weighing them down. The end result is a
    more abundant hair and a beach look with a
    matte finish.

    No pH, safe for color, safe for hair treated with
    Brazilian straightening, safe for keratin treated hair.

    Free from parabens, sodium chloride, dyes
    artificial, sulfate-free.

    Directions for use: Shake and spray on dry hair, all over
    or where desired for texture, volume and
    disarming sensuality.

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