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Perk Up Dry Shampoo - 232ml

  • Amika's Dry Perk Up Shampoo cleanses hair by absorbing excess sebum and dirt that weighs down hair. The lightweight formula creates a silky texture and eliminates odors to refresh hair between washes.

    Unlike dry shampoos that use aluminum shavings and talc, amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo only uses natural rice starch to absorb the oil. Obliphica extract conditions hair leaving it soft and manageable.

    PH-free, safe for color, safe for straightened hair
    Brazilian, safe for keratin treated hair.

    Free from parabens, sodium chloride, artificial colors,
    sulfate-free, talc-free.

    Directions for use: Shake the can before use. Hold about 30
    cm from the hair and spray lightly, focusing on the roots.
    Wait a minute or two for the rice starch to absorb the oils and deodorize. Then brush the hair or massage with the
    tip of the fingers.

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