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High Amplify Proforma Hairpsray - 284gr

  • Voluminous hair thanks to your secret weapon.

    High Amplify Proforma hairspray is a finishing hairspray
    and texturing with a firm hold that provides volume
    superior and maximum hold.

    Its formula which dries very quickly maintains the hairstyles
    in place and adds a vibrant shine to them.

    Perfect for full volume hairstyles that require a
    solid support at the base. Resists humidity for 24 hours.

    Instructions for use: Hold the fixative 20-25 cm from the head.
    To add texture and shape the hair, spray
    small jets. For the final hold: spray all over
    the hairstyle. Regularly clean the tip of the fixative to
    to prevent it from becoming blocked. If the nozzle clogs, pass it
    under hot water.

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