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High Amplify Hairspray - 284gr

  • Voluminous hair thanks to your secret weapon.

    The High Amplify hairspray is a styling hairspray with
    strong and flexible, which provides shine and volume
    continuous over the entire hair.

    This ultra-fine mist, which dries quickly, provides
    non-static and shiny hair, in addition to making it
    easy to comb.

    Moisture resistance that lasts all day. Removes
    easily with shampoo and leaves no residue.

    How to use: For more body, volume and texture:
    on dry hair, spray lightly and run your hair
    fingers as a comb through the hair to get
    an imposing body. To add finish to a hairstyle:
    spray all over dry hair. Leave to dry at
    open air. Regularly clean the tip of the fixative to
    to prevent it from becoming blocked. If the nozzle clogs, pass it
    under hot water.

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