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Color fanatic spray 21

PriceFrom C$31.00
  • For all hair types.

    • protects against color fading;
    • acts as a leave-in conditioner;
    • instantly detangles;
    • facilitates drying in the dryer;
    • moisturizes dry hair;
    • helps to even out porosity;
    • nourishes without weighing down;
    • facilitates cutting;
    • helps prevent split ends;
    • helps prevent breakage from brushing;
    • helps strengthen the hair fiber;
    • protects against heat damage;
    • creates a shield against external aggressions;
    • smooths the surface of the hair;
    • makes the hair silky;
    • helps seal the cuticle;
    • decreases dehydration;
    • controls frizz;
    • reduces static electricity;
    • refreshes hair for re-styling;
    • adds shine.

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