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Color fanatic mask 21

PriceFrom C$46.00
  • For normal to thick hair.

    • Helps nourish the hair;
    • helps restore the healthy appearance of hair;
    • fills damaged areas;
    • locks in hydration;
    • instantly detangles;
    • restores the hydrated feel of the hair;
    • helps to form a uniform cuticle;
    • helps to strengthen the hair;
    • helps maintain beautiful coloring;
    • forms a barrier around the cuticle;
    • contains UV filters;
    • improves elasticity;
    • prevents drought;
    • helps provide protection from heat;
    • optimizes color reflection;
    • revitalizes and disciplines; softens;
    • helps create a silky finish;
    • helps control frizz;
    • helps reduce static;
    • gives shine.

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